Our 5 Major Emphases

Our 5 Major Emphases are Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and you guessed it, Jesus. Yes, that probably comes across as a bit unusual. However, He truly is THAT important to us. And from that place of prominence all the other topics of importance flow.

1. Salvation by faith in what Jesus accomplished on the Cross…which is a free gift (grace)

2. The baptism in the Holy Spirit which is a second gift experienced after salvation bringing us into the realm of the Spirit in many wonderful and powerful ways.

3. Divine healing is something we believe and practice with much compassion and confidence.

4. The soon and certain return of the Lord Jesus Christ and being prepared for that event.

5. The absolute need of following our Lord’s command and example of loving others.

* Everything we believe comes directly from the inspired Word of God….the Scriptures….the Old and New Testaments.

* We also subscribe to the 16 Tenets of the Assemblies of God