The church started with a prayer group meeting at the Episcopal Church being led by Reverend Werner VanLooy. They experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and got in touch with the New York District of the Assemblies of God. The Lord sent Pastor Paul and Peggy Keehr in 1985 and the church was formally established. The Keehrs worked diligently for the next 15 years acquiring land, building and developing many fruitful ministries, as the Lord blessed the congregation. Pastor Paul Keehr resigned in October 2000.

Pastor Doug and Angie Harding began serving in Delhi in November 2000. Following their time at Delhi Pastor Carl and Pat Orlando served. Through the years the Lord has blessed us with a beautiful location and a building that can handle every aspect of ministry.

Pastor Tom and Marlene Formica began pastoring the church in February of 2007 where they served until Pastor Tom unexpectedly went to be with the Lord in January of 2018.

The name of the church was changed in June 2014 from Assembly of God of Delhi to Abundant Life Church.

In August of 2018, the church went under the affiliation of the New York District Council who appointed Pastor Paul Keehr to serve as Lead Pastor. In June of 2019, the church regained its General Council affiliation status. We are once again experiencing the blessing of God spiritually and numerically. In June of 2023, Pastor Paul Keehr retired as Lead Pastor.

In July of 2023, Pastor Sarah Keehr was appointed as interim Pastor.